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List of publications

[1] Yoshua Bengio, Nicolas Chapados, Olivier Delalleau, Hugo Larochelle, X. Saint-Mleux, Christian Hudon and Jrme Louradour,
"Detonation classification from acoustic signature with the restricted Boltzmann machine",
Computational Intelligence, pp. 261-288, 02 2012.
[2] Hugo Larochelle, Michael Mandel, Razvan Pascanu and Yoshua Bengio,
"Learning algorithms for the classification restricted Boltzmann machine",
Journal of Machine Learning Research, pp. 643-669, 03 2012.
[3] James Bergstra and Yoshua Bengio,
"Random search for hyper-parameter optimization",
Journal of Machine Learning Research, pp. 281-305, 02 2012.
[4] Antoine Bordes, Yogesh Girdhar, Jason Weston and Yoshua Bengio,
"Joint Learning of Words and Meaning Representations for Open-Text Semantic Parsing",
Journal of Machine Learning Research - Proceedings Track, pp. 127-135, 04 2012.
[5] Wentao Fan, Nizar Bouguila and Djemel Ziou,
"Variational Learning for Finite Dirichlet Mixture Models and Applications",
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, pp. 762-774, 05 2012.
[6] Djemel Ziou and Alain Hor,
"Reducing aliasing in images: a PDE-based diffusion revisited",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 1180-1194, 03 2012.
[7] Sabri Boutemedjet and Djemel Ziou,
"Predictive Approach for User Long-Term Needs in Content-Based Image Suggestion",
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, pp. 1242-1253, 08 2012.
[8] Jamil Drarni, Sbastien Roy and Peter Sturm,
"Methods for geometrical video projector calibration",
Machine Vision and Applications, pp. 79-89, 01 2012.
[9] Minyi Huang, Peter Caines and Roland P. Malham,
"Social Optima in Mean FieldnLQG Control: Centralized and Decentralized Strageries",
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, pp. 1736-1752, 07 2012.
[10] Philip Warrick, Emily F. Hamilton, Robert E. Kearney and Doina Nitchi,
"A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Fetal Hypoxia during Labor and Delivery",
AI Magazine, pp. 79-90, 02 2012.

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