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List of publications

[1] W. Khreich, ric Granger, Ali Miri and Robert Sabourin,
"Adaptive ROC-Based Ensembles of HMMs Applied to Anomaly Detection",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 208-230, 01 2012.
[2] P.R. Cavalin, Robert Sabourin and C.Y. Suen,
"LoGID: An Adaptive Framework Combining Local and Global Incremental Learning for Dynamic Selection of Ensembles of HMMs",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 3544-3556, 09 2012.
[3] M. Kapp, Robert Sabourin and Patrick Maupin,
"A Dynamic Model Selection Strategy for Support Vector Machine Classifiers",
Applied Soft Computing, pp. 2550-2565, 08 2012.
[4] W. Kreich, ric Granger, Ali Miri and Robert Sabourin,
"A Survey of Techniques for Incremental Learning of HMM Parameters",
Information Sciences, pp. 105-130, 03 2012.
[5] ric Granger, W. Khreich, Robert Sabourin and D.O. Gorodnichy,
"Fusion Of Biometric Systems Using Boolean Combination: An Application to Iris-Based Authentification",
International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM), pp. 291-315, 04 2012.
[6] Jean-Franois Connolly, ric Granger and Robert Sabourin,
"Evolution of Heterogeneous Ensembles Through Dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization for Video-Based Face Recognition",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 2460-2477, 05 2012.
[7] Jean-Franois Connolly, ric Granger and Robert Sabourin,
"An Adaptive Classification System for Video-Based Face Recognition",
Information Sciences, pp. 50-70, 02 2012.
[8] Luana Batista, ric Granger and Robert Sabourin,
"Dynamic Selection of Generative-Discriminative Ensembles for Off-Line Signature Verification",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 1326-1340, 04 2012.
[9] Miguel de la Torre, ric Granger, Paulo Vinicius Radtke, Robert Sabourin and D.O. Gorodnichy,
"A Comparison of Adaptive Matchers for Screening of Faces in Video Surveillance",
in IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Security and Defence Applications, 07 2012.
[10] George Eskander, Robert Sabourin and ric Granger,
"Adaptation of Writer-Independent Systems for Offline Signature Verification",
in 13th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, 09 2012.

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