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[11] Nicolas Bouillot, M. Tomiyoshi and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Extended User Control over Multichannel Content Delivered over the Web",
in Conference on Audio Networking, 11 2011.
[12] Martin Otis, Guillaume Millet, S. Beniak and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Modeling of Lower Limbs for Vibrotactile Compensation",
in Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference. Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging and Technology, 06 2011.
[13] Jessica Ip and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"To Virtualize or Not? The Importance of Physical and Virtual Components in Augmented Reality Board Games",
in International Conference on Entertainment Computing, 10 2011.
[14] Yon Visell, B.L. Giordano, Guillaume Millet and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Vibration Influences Haptic Perception of Surface Compliance During Walking",
in PLoS ONE, pp. 17697, 03 2011.
[15] R. Pellerin, Nicolas Bouillot, T. Pietkiewicz, Michael Wozniewski, Zack Settel, Eric Gressier-Soudan and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"SoundPark: Exploring Ubiquitous Computing through a Mixed Reality Multi-player Game Experiment",
Studia Informatica Universalis, Special Issue: Best Papers from NOTERE 2009, pp. 21, 04 2010.
[16] Adriana Olmos, K. Lachapelle and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Multiple Angle Viewer for Remote Medical Training",
in Second ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Technologies for Distance Leaning, pp. 19-24, 10 2010.
[17] Yon Visell, S. Smith, Alvin Law, R. Rajalingham and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Contact Sensing and Interaction Techniques for a Distributed, Multimodal Floor Display",
in IEEE 3D User Interfaces (3DUI), pp. 75-78, 03 2010.
[18] R. Rajalingham, Yon Visell and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Probabilistic Tracking of Pedestrian Movements via In-Floor Force Sensing",
in Seventh Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, CRV, pp. 143-150, 05 2010.
[19] Yon Visell, Alvin Law, Jessica Ip, S. Smith and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Interaction Capture in Immersive Virtual Environments via an Intelligent Floor Surface",
in IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), pp. 313-314, 03 2010.
[20] Yon Visell and Jeremy Cooperstock,
"Design of a Vibrotactile Display via a Rigid Surface",
in IEEE Haptics Symposium, pp. 133-140, 03 2010.

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