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[11] James Clark,
"Photometric Stereo using LCD Displays",
Image and Vision Computing, pp. 704-714, 04 2010.
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in Symposium on Brain, Body and Machine, Springer Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, pp. 71-82, , 11 2010.
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in Symposium on Brain, Body and Machine 2010, Springer Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, pp. 43-56, 11 2010.
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"Gender Classification from Unconstrained Video Sequences",
in IEEE Workshop on Analysis and Modelling of Faces and Gestures (AMFG) held in conjunction with IEEE CVPR 2010, 06 2010.
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"A spectral theory of color perception",
Journal of the Optical Society of America, pp. 2488-2502, 12 2009.
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"A Sequential Bayesian Approach to Color Constancy using Non-Uniform Filters",
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"Maximum Entropy Spectral Models for Colour Constancy in the Presence of Inter-reflections",
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"Estimating Surface Reflectance Spectra for Underwater Color Vision",
in 19th British Machine Vision Conference, Leeds, UK, pp. 1015-1024, 09 2008.

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