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[1] P. Plamondon and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Stochastic resource allocation: an approach based on distributed Qvalues and bounded real-time dynamic programming",
Journal of Artificial Tools, pp. 1250003, 01 2012.
[2] Yali Wang and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"An adaptive nonparametric particle filter for state estimation",
in International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'12), 05 2012.
[3] Charles Desjardins and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Cooperative adaptive cruise control: a reinforcement learning approach",
IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE-ITS), pp. 1248-1260, 04 2011.
[4] Patrick Dallaire, Camille Besse and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"An approximate inference with Gaussian process to latent functions from uncertain data",
Neurocomputing, pp. 1945-1955, 11 2011.
[5] Stephane Ross, Joelle Pineau, Brahim Chaib-draa and P. Kreitmann,
"A Bayesian Approach for Learning and Planning in Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes",
Journal of Machine Learning Research, pp. 1729-1770, 04 2011.
[6] Jilles Dibangoye, A. Mouaddib and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Toward error-bounded algorithms for infinite DECPOMDPs",
in 10th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS'11), pp. 947-954, 05 2011.
[7] Hamid Chinaei and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Learning Dialogue POMDP Models from Data",
in 24th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI'2011, pp. 86-91, 05 2011.
[8] Patrick Dallaire, Daniel mond, Philippe Gigure and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Artificial Tactile Perception for Surface Identification using a Triple Axis Accelerometer Probe",
in IEEE Robotic and Sensors Environments, ROSE 2011, 07 2011.
[9] Sbastien Paquet, Patrick Dallaire and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Task Allocation Learning in a Multiagent Environment: Application to the Roborescue Simulation",
Multiagent and Grid Systems, 09 2010.
[10] Andriy Burkov and Brahim Chaib-draa,
"Stochastic Games",
in Markov Decision Processes and Artificial Intelligence, pp. 229-277, , 10 2010.

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