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List of publications

[1] Frdric Jean, Robert Bergevin and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Human gait characteristics from unconstrained walks and viewpoints",
in IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, ICCV 2011 Workshops, pp. 1883-1888, 11 2011.
[2] Olivier Lvesque and Robert Bergevin,
"Detection and Identification of Animals using Stereo Vision",
in Workshop on Visual Observation and Analysis of Animal and Insect Behaviors (held in conjunction with ICPR 2010), 08 2010.
[3] Robert Bergevin and Jean-Franois Bernier,
"Detection of Unexpected Multi-Part Objects from Segmented Contour Maps",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 2403-2420, 11 2009.
[4] Frdric Jean, Alexandra Branzan-Albu and Robert Bergevin,
"Towards View-Invariant Gait Modelling: Computing View- Normalized Body Part Trajectories",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 2936-2949, 11 2009.
[5] Frdric Jean, Robert Bergevin and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Computing and Evaluating View-normalized Body Part Trajectories",
Image and Vision Computing, pp. 1272-1284, 08 2009.
[6] Robert Bergevin and Vincent Bergeron,
"Enhancing Boundary Primitives using a Multiscale Quadtree Segmentation",
in Fourth International Symposium on Visual Computing, Las Vegas, Nevada, 12 2008.
[7] Frdric Jean, Robert Bergevin and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Trajectory Normalization for Viewpoint Invariant Gait Recognition",
in IAPR 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Tampa, FL, 12 2008.
[8] Alexandra Branzan-Albu, Robert Bergevin and Sbastien Quirion,
"Generic Temporal Segmentation of Cyclic Human Motion",
Pattern Recognition, pp. 6-21, 01 2008.
[9] Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau and Robert Bergevin,
"Qualitative part-based models in content-based image retrieval",
Machine Vision and Applications, pp. 275-287, 10 2007.
[10] Frdric Jean, Robert Bergevin and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Computing View-normalized Body Parts Trajectories",
in Proc. of the Fourth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision CRV 2007, (Montreal, QC, Canada), pp. 89-96, 05 2007.

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