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List of publications

[1] Farhad Javid, Jorge Angeles, Damiano Pasini and Renzo Cecere,
"Shape optimization of a self-deployable anchor designed for percutaneous mitral valve repair",
ASME Journal of Medical Devices, pp. 0110031-0110037, 01 2012.
[2] Danial Alizadeh, Xiao Qing Ma and Jorge Angeles,
"On the reduction of the normality conditions in equality-constrained optimization problems in mechanics",
Meccanica, pp. 755-768, 01 2012.
[3] S.S.H. Zargarbashi, Waseem Khan and Jorge Angeles,
"Posture optimization in robot-assisted machining operations",
Mechanism and Machine Theory, pp. 74-86, 01 2012.
[4] Jorge Angeles,
"The dual generalized inverses and their applications in kinematic synthesis",
in Latest Advances in Robot Kinematics, pp. 1-10, , 05 2012.
[5] L. Gracia and Jorge Angeles,
"Robustness to algorithmic singularities and sensitivity in computational kinematics",
IMechE, Part C, J. Mechanical Engineering Science, pp. 987-999, 04 2011.
[6] Alli Azimi, M. Hirschkorn, Bahareh Ghotbi, Jozsef Kvecses, Jorge Angeles, Peter Radziszewski, M. Teichmann, M. Courchesne and Y. Gonthier,
"Terrain modelling in simulation-based performance evaluation of rovers",
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, pp. 1-10, 01 2011.
[7] Waseem Khan and Jorge Angeles,
"A novel paradigm for the qualitative synthesis of simple kinematic chains based on complexity measures",
ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, pp. 0310101-03101011, 10 2011.
[8] G. Figliolini and Jorge Angeles,
"Synthesis of the Pitch Cones of N-Lobed Elliptical Bevel Gears",
ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, pp. 031002-1-031002-8, 08 2011.
[9] Giuseppe Carbone, Giuseppe Cannella and Jorge Angeles,
"Derivation of the Mass Matrix for the McGill Schnflies motion generator",
Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, pp. 159-178, 02 2011.
[10] Jorge Angeles, Dynamic Response of Linear Mechanical Systems. Modeling, Analysis and Simulation,
, 10 2011.

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