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[1] Mohak Shah, Y. Xiao, Nagesh Subbanna, S. Francis, Douglas L. Arnold, Donald Louis Collins and Tal Arbel,
"Evaluating Intensity Normalization on MRIs of Human Brain with Multiple Sclerosis",
Medical Image Analysis, pp. 267-282, 04 2011.
[2] Nagesh Subbanna, S. Francis, Doina Nitchi, Donald Louis Collins, Douglas L. Arnold and Tal Arbel,
"Adapted MRF Segmentation of MS Lesions Using Local Contextual Information",
in Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, MIUA '11, 07 2011.
[3] Nagesh Subbanna, Mohak Shah, S. Francis, S. Narayanan, Donald Louis Collins, Douglas L. Arnold and Tal Arbel,
"MS Lesion Segmentation using Markov Random Fields",
in MICCAI 2009 Workshop on Medical Image Analysis on Multiple Sclerosis (MIAMS 2009) in conjunction with The 12th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI '09), 09 2009.

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