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List of publications

[1] S.S.H. Zargarbashi, Waseem Khan and Jorge Angeles,
"Posture optimization in robot-assisted machining operations",
Mechanism and Machine Theory, pp. 74-86, 01 2012.
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"A novel paradigm for the qualitative synthesis of simple kinematic chains based on complexity measures",
ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, pp. 0310101-03101011, 10 2011.
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"The rule-based conceptual design of the architecture of serial Schnflies-motion generators",
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"The conceptual design of robotic architectures by means of a complexity measure",
in 3rd International Colloquium on Robotic Systems for Handling and Assembly, Braunschweig, GERMANY, pp. 7-21, 04 2008.
[5] Waseem Khan, H. Zhuang and Jorge Angeles,
"RVS4W: A visualization tool for robot design",
in Proc. CDEN (The Canadian Design Engineering Network)/ C2E2 (Canadian Congress on Engineering Education) 2007 Conference (Winnipeg, Manitoba), 07 2007.
[6] Waseem Khan, Stphane Caro, Jorge Angeles and Damiano Pasini,
"A formulation of complexity-based rules for the preliminary design stage of robotic architectures",
in Proc. of the International Conference Engineering Design, ICED '07 (Paris, France), 08 2007.
[7] Waseem Khan and Jorge Angeles,
"The role of entropy in design theory and methodology",
in Proc. CDEN - The Canadian Design Engineering Network / C2E2 - Canadian Congress on Engineering Education Conference (Winnipeg, Manitoba), 07 2007.
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"The Kinetostatic Optimization of Robotic Manipulators: The Inverse and the Direct Problems",
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"The Kinetostatic Design of an Innovative Schnflies-Motion generator",
Institution of Mechanical Engineers, part C, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, pp. 935-943, 08 2006.
[10] Waseem Khan, Stphane Caro, Damiano Pasini and Jorge Angeles,
"Complexity Analysis for the Conceptual Design of Robotic Architecture,",
in On Advances in Robot Kinematics (Ljubljana, SLO), pp. 359-368, 06 2006.

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